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The School
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Creating A new being

The School for Enlightenment is here to assist everyone to discover who they truly are and guide everyone in developing into a New Being.

The School for Enlightenment

The School for Enlightenment has a mission, ‘to help everyone experience Enlightenment, and to guide everyone reach a state of internal peace’. If you have been searching for who you are, looking to find a deeper meaning to life, or have even been struggling to live an ordinary life due to the pressures of the modern world, the school is open to help you learn simple and effective practices to gain more insight into your life. These practices are ‘Power Flow’, ‘Empty through living’, ‘The Essence of questioning’, ‘Observing the Truth’ and ‘Mirror of Consciousness’.


Enlightenment can be described as an experience, where the last identification of who you are in this world falls off. It is the breakaway of all limitations in life, and you are left at the very ground of creation. Creation is the ground of all manifestations, origin of all things.

From here a ‘New Being’ emerges and expands into a new reality. This reality, seems to have no previous conditioning, knowledge, violence, desires, attachments, or identifications of the past, is the home of peace.

Our Purpose

The Purpose of The School for Enlightenment is, ‘to help you discover your True Self, by assisting you to learn effective practices that can be used in your everyday life’.

These practices help you to heal and live your life fully by deconditioning, unloading, and freeing yourself from any desires, attachments, and identifications you may have. Through these practices, you can enhance and empower your way of living by gaining pure energy, clarity, and creativity.

The school assists you in the mastery of these practices to become Enlightened and to transform you into a New Being. Through these practices, you will learn to differentiate between truth and falsity, reality and fantasy, violence and peace and start to live a real life of peace.

Power and Creation-An Introduction

The School for Enlightenment is here, to help everyone in their transformation into a New Being.

When all the limitations of ourselves are completely dissolved, the power within us has the ability to reach the ground of creation, to give birth to a ‘New Being’. This Being is born with the essence of truth, and intelligence.

Power is seen as curative energy with the nature of clarity, and newness. It has a quality of order, purity, creativity, freshness, and rejuvenation.

Creation is experienced as an empty space, seat of manifestation, place of birth, ocean of love, and being at home.


Creation is experienced as an empty space, seat of manifestation, place of birth, ocean of love, and being at home.

Comprehension of Truth and Intelligence

Truth is the perfect fruit of creation and power. It is realized as the actuality of everything, the way things are in its true form. Without any distortion or having any prerequisite knowledge of it.

Intelligence is the ability to continually observe the manifestation of Truth.

A Brief Understanding of - Reality, New Being and The Lost World

A ‘New Being’, is born from the union of power and creation with the quality of intelligence. This ‘New Being’ grows and expands into a ‘New Reality’. This new reality or a new world appears to hold no previous conditioning, knowledge, violence, attachments, or identifications of the past. This presents as the home of peace, love and harmony.

Reality is the place of living with the new powers, creation, truth and intelligence. Reality employs a continuous movement of power, creation, intelligence, and truth, happening cyclically. This creates a new reality each time, growing and expanding the ‘New Being’. Reality promotes oneness which occupies in the material of all things.

Some of us born into this world may be lost, and in search of something or looking for a deeper meaning to life.

Not knowing what it is, or how to find it?

Even if we stumble across it or find what we were looking for, it barely seems to satisfy us. Once again, the search continues after a little or long time of satisfying ourselves temporarily.

This search is indeed for reality. The ‘real’ in life. The search is for the internal ‘peace’. This search ends when you enter the home of reality.

The passion for eternal success, popularity, or happiness that we may be aspiring for in this world, rarely seems to gratify us. This has been the fabric of most human being’s lives so far and will be until we depart from this life. This search may have been misunderstood by most of us from a young age.

‘Reality’ is not a part of this world. But we have been searching for reality in this world, that does not happen to live here. This world looks as though is of knowledge, feelings, thinking and emotions. We need to try and step out of this world to discover the ‘real’ for ourselves.

If you are looking to find your ‘True Self’, the School for Enlightenment can assist you through experientially developed practices. These can help and guide you to discover reality, enabling you to live in peace.


An Insight Into -Consciousness, Bliss and Existence

Reality appears to grow and expand. When it is amplified it reaches a point where it becomes aware of itself. When Reality is aware of itself it becomes still. This Stillness opens up Consciousness.

Reality can also be explained as the deflection of Consciousness. Consciousness is seen as the Source of reality. When reality is still, Consciousness enters at first appearing as a mirror. This is the first glance of reality looking at itself completely in the mirror of Consciousness. Reality sees itself as an objective self, through the mirror of Consciousness. This is objective reality.

Living in peace and practising the ‘Mirror of Consciousness’ technique opens up Consciousness.

When Consciousness enters reality there is Bliss. Bliss is the ecstasy of experiencing Consciousness within you. Consciousness then communicates with the ‘New Being’ to become ‘New Consciousness’. An Advanced Human Being. This being lives in a state of Objective Reality.

Consciousness is the essence of Existence. It is the original material of all there is. When Consciousness expands you experience Existence as, ‘ The Totality of Everything’.


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Power Flow

Power flow practice is to help your busy mind to relax. By slowing your mind, you can learn to tap into the unlimited energy available to us all. We all have access to this source of unlimited power which may be lying dormant, and undiscovered.


Empty through living

Through this practice, you will discover to live your life by letting go of your emotional attachments towards your deep desires, past memories, and false identifications. You only have to fully experience everything once, the desire for the same experience subsides.


The Essence of Questioning

In this practice, you will pursue to question yourself deeply of your thoughts and actions, which will in turn open you up to deeper insights. This practice helps you to see the truth and will aid you to evaluate your judgements and opinions.

Observing the Truth

Observing the Truth

In this practice, you will develop the art of living with intelligence. Through persistent questioning intelligence is born. Through this intelligence you will see yourself in action. Intelligence is the observer of Truth.


Mirror of Consciousness

Consciousness is the source of all seeing. This is an advanced practice, which facilitates opening to new consciousness. In this practice, you will learn to still your mind. When the mind is still consciousness enters through you.


Freeing of Consciousness Practice- A path to completion!

This is a very advanced practice and is only suitable for someone who has mastered the mirror of consciousness technique.

About Me

“Hi, my name is Smitha, I hope you are well and internally at peace. My only true goal is to serve. I am a spiritual teacher and offer teachings and practices through The School for Enlightenment. I have had an incredibly beautiful spiritual journey in my life and I hope the same for you. I wish for you immense peace and love in your heart and a beautiful new reality.


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Soulful living

Each Soul has a purpose. By finding your Soul you live a soulful life. The Soul has its own purpose, the purpose is to serve humanity with the gift of the Soul. Each Soul has a unique gift it is born with.



The School for Enlightenment also teaches the language of ‘New Being’. This Language is one of peace, love, and harmony. This will grow, to be our future language of the world. By learning this language, we will bring forth a world of peace by showing love to others and love to ourselves.

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Entering Reality

You cannot enter Reality without the real you, as only the real lives there.  Everything that lives in reality is pure Self. Everything there is in reality is just what it is, without identification of any kind.


Acceptance is already a remarkably high state of mind. That means you are able to move away from your disturbing thoughts and see the way things are. Also starting to realise the truth of life. Or In fact learning to see the truth.

Optimism is different to positivity.

Where in positivity you are constantly trying to change negative thoughts to positive which requires a lot of effort and practice.

In optimism, you see the reality the way it is and accept it and move on and, see what is there next? Opening of seeing the next truth or happening. It is an opening of the mind to the new! Ability to move on!

Why Choose
School for Enlightenment

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Evening and Weekend Session Available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: All sessions are treated strictly private and confidential. Please see the Privacy policy for more details.

Through this consultation of 60 minutes, we can navigate to identify your goals and interests. We can begin to discover any life concerns, issues, belief systems, dogmas, experiences that may be inhibiting your growth.

Based on your situation, your chosen path and personal goals, we can work together to set realistic and achievable life goals. 

Answer: The consultation and further sessions are charged at $100 an hour. 

Answer: Following on from our initial session, we will implement the correct practices suitable to your needs.

I will be personally guiding you into developing deeper insights by learning to grow your connection with your inner source. We will discuss deepening practices and focusing on new skills. 

We will identify the blockages that may be hindering your development path. You will learn to find the wholeness of Self and your True-life way, leading towards a balanced life.

Answer: All sessions are carried out via zoom or by telephone. If you require a face-to-face meeting this can be arranged as well.

Answer: You can go to our programs tab on the website and choose to schedule a one-on-one consultation tab. There you can book a meeting and pay at the same time for the sessions.



Smitha’s journey to spirituality is self motivated, her desire and keenness to get an in depth understanding of life in its simplest form combined with her natural intuitive abilities, her compassionate and graceful personality has always helped me to reach out to her. She has the ability to ask the right questions, direct and simple. She offers fresh insights to many issues, she also draws them out of myself with her techniques. I am always positively uplifted by our time spent together.



I have known Smitha for more than two decades. She is honest, wise and straight talking person. We had lost touch for few years. As I have noticed that over the last 8 to 9 years that she has been searching for God and meaning of life. she has gained spiritual experiences over time and have become far more contented in life. I am so proud of her and lucky to have known her as my best friend.



I have known Smitha for approximately ten years and during this time I have witnessed her spiritual transformation. Over the years I have learnt that Smitha is a gentle being with a passion for spiritual growth. She has a genuine desire to help others find their path in life and achieve oneness with self-realisation.



I profoundly thank Smitha for guiding the path towards a truer clarity and self reflection. I know her depth of knowledge and understanding will enhance anyone wherever they are on their path to a more fulfilling and enriched life.



I recommend Smitha in my spiritual guidance journey. She gave me a one on one session which I have on a weekly basis and taught me to relax and switch of my everyday busy life which has aided me to have better sleep and less anxiety in my life. Smitha is a pleasure to have me relax and find myself truly recommend her services



Smitha is very knowledgeable on the path of Enlightenment and offers great clarity on the journey. A great teacher on guiding you through your spiritual learning.



Smitha has good knowledge and uses her positivity to help you find a solution. She is a good listener and is very approachable.



I am so happy. Thank you for all your help and support Smitha. I couldn’t have started my positive spiritual journey without you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am so grateful ? Thank you with all my heart❤️I feel truly blessed ?❤️



When I speak to Smitha, I simply connect so well and ease, there is a kind of purity in her, I feel fully energised and capable of solving any issue. Such a pure being. I am blessed to come across a person like this ??



It’s more than a conversation but a deep insight into my own being. It allows me to see and feel the true emotions I'm experiencing and come to terms with what that means to me. Rather than being a mere stress relief the spiritual coaching chats allowed me to delve into questioning my purpose and the true nature of myself.


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