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Awaken Your Inner Power Program


AWAKEN YOUR INNER POWER - one to one coaching program

The outcome is simple: To enhance your energy, clarity, and rejuvenate yourself.

This program aims to show you an intelligent way to harness your inner power and use it to bring you success, empowerment, and stability in life.  

The School for Enlightenment has a mission to help everyone experience enlightenment and guide everyone to reach a state of internal peace. With this mission in mind, we have prepared five coaching programs to help your smooth transition.

Here are our programs listed below:

Level 1

Awaken your inner power program

Level 2

Mind Mastery signature program

Level 3

Self-discovery premium program

Level 4

Creating a new consciousness program

Level 5

The program for supreme freedom

Here is our level 1 program explained:

Level 1 – Awaken Your Inner Power Program

Who is this program for?

  • Someone who has low energy, strength, and stamina in life.
  • Someone who gets tired and lacks enthusiasm in life
  • Someone who is not able to see beyond the ever-growing problems they have
  • Someone who is incredibly stressed and anxious in life
  • Someone who lacks control and clarity in life
  • Someone who gives up things quickly and suffers after
  • Someone who cannot progress in life due to their shortcomings
  • Someone who is exhausted daily due to the continued distractions in life
  • Someone unable to cope with life challenges 
  • Someone who has no grip on their desires and longings
  • Someone who is lacking motivation and caught up in too much imagination
  • Someone obsessed with bodily attachments like self-image, food, money, sex.
  • Someone unable to overcome fear, anger, and frustration daily.
  • Someone who constantly daydreams and lack focus and attention.

What to expect from this program?

  • In this program, you will learn to understand how to harness the power within you through simple practices.
  • These practices will act as a supporting guide in dealing with many of your current issues -in being overwhelmed, lack of motivation and exhaustion.
  • You will learn new methods to slow your obsessive actions, which generally drains most of your energy
  • You will gain more clarity, calmness, and energy after this program to enjoy life and work towards your success. 
  • You will be less anxious and gain the capacity to see the world differently and progress in life.
  • You will gain the energy to utilise in beautifully transforming your life.
  • You will learn to understand your mental structure and be able to deal with your emotions better, helping you to have maintained good relationships
  • You will learn to overcome frustration, anger, and annoyance so you can live a good life every day.
  • You will learn how to reduce stress and many attachments and lead a life with awareness.
  • With a simple practice daily, you will be able to see that you are relaxed, awake, and ready to take on actions in a few weeks.
  • Continued practice will lead to your awakening.                                  

What is involved in this program?

The program is broken down into 4 phases.


Topic to Focus on


You will learn how to prepare a strong physical ground that increases your inner strength to overcome daily obstacles and live an exuberant life.


You will learn how to understand the mental structure and its components and use methods and techniques to overcome your mental problems to live a calmer life


You will learn to navigate the different emotional states you are caught in and learn to use the right practices to overcome the emotional pain to live a happier life


You will learn the nature of awareness and gain the ability to recognise and use the intelligence every day. With the right practices and tools to expand awareness, you will gain the capacity to solve the everyday problems and discover your true potential in life

How long is the program, and how is it delivered?

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My Story

Backstory: Who are you? Where are you from? What was your struggle/pain?

My name is Smitha Jagadish. I am from India, now live in the UK. Growing up, I did not feel free in my life, and I did not know who I was. The constant struggle of emotional, mental, and physical efforts in life was too overwhelming. I was confused and had no direction in life. I was stressed, anxious and felt stuck in life.

ii. What desires did you have to alleviate your pain? What were your intentions?  Where did you want to be when your journey was all set and done?

I wanted to be free from all struggles in life at all costs and wanted to discover who I truly was. I wanted to be liberated from all hurdles and troubles in life and be internally at peace.

iii. What "epiphany" did you have that made you realise you could change? (Example: Realising you wanted coaching or realised the true value of coaching and wanted to become one to help others.)

Growing up in India, I saw many problems and pain around me. I decided not to undergo any struggles and pain and wanted to avoid it all altogether. I could see the world being chaotic and unordered; I wanted to come out of it at any cost. Spirituality was that 'quantum leap' from chaos to sanity. After searching the truth for over 30 plus years and helping many souls in my journey, I discovered a way to be liberated from life's bondages. Spirituality revealed the path to freeness and helped many to come out of their struggles.

iv. Plan: What was your plan of execution?

I realised I did not know how to do it. I searched for everything I could find to learn about how to free ourselves. I realised I was not happy where I was, and I saw that spirituality could get me out and followed it intensely without giving it up till I got to the end.

v.Conflict: What obstacle(s) did you hit on your journey to your promise land?

Many family members and friends could not understand what I was doing and not be incredibly supportive. There is no help there readily available and hence no support to carry on—no one knowing much about spirituality or how to discover oneself and get out of our problems quickly. Trying to commit to this journey was difficult as it is long and hard. There were family, work, and personal barriers to overcome and required great discipline and self-motivation.

vi. How did you overcome these obstacles?

By sheer commitment and seeing the results of my progress and its positive effect in life. By learning endlessly and searching for the right knowledge, and not giving up. By practising methods and techniques tirelessly to improve oneself and develop into a better human being. By being open, speaking the truth and by living a life of truth. By listening to oneself deeply and trusting one's intuition. By one's own authentic experience and actuality of living. By carrying out strict discipline to overcome life's obstacles.

vii. Where are you now?

I feel free, liberated and internally at peace. I have fulfilled my life goals and discovered a fantastic path to help others to do the same. Opened The school for enlightenment, the three sphere foundation and creating several spiritual courses, programs and writing books to help others find their True potential and arrive at inner peace.

viii. How can you help if they book a call?

If you are looking to be free of life's struggles and want to experience a life of expansion, you are here at the right place with the right person who can walk you through this journey step by step, helping you overcome these obstacles. Through these experientially developed practices, you can be free of problems, discover your inner power, be empowered, and live an enriched life.

What would happen if you stayed where you are? (Financially, emotionally, time, etc.)

 You may feel stuck and limited. Feel controlled and feel like a slave to your bodily needs and spend your money on pleasing your body. Therefore, emotionally draining can become angry, frustrated and develop a fear of not ending this craving. You may be spending your valuable time pleasing your body as it will not let you be at peace.

You will be overly sensitive and walking on eggshells. As the ego is heightened and wants to avoid meeting people, you may not feel comfortable in social situations, triggering your ego. Winning attitude and acquiring knowledge can blind the truth. Not able to tell the difference between reality and false and caught up in the mind maze. Will look at life rationally —much time spent on wrong thinking and false knowledge. Lack of emotions may discourage loved ones from being close. Financially becoming extraordinarily ambitious can lead you to be very lonely.

You may be highly emotional every day, and everything seems lifeless. No love in life and hence desperately seeking to love someone.  I feel tired every day and loss energy due to being emotional. Lack of interest in doing anything. Work struggles due to being emotionally lost. Physically fall sick due to no power and not taking care of one’s health. Not knowing how to get out of this rut and lack of purpose in life can lead to severe health conditions. You may feel hopeless and lack direction. 

What is the most urgent problem you want to solve right now?

You probably want to accomplish overcoming bodily obsessions and craving. You may wish to accomplish overcoming wrong thinking and come out of being caught up in my mind. You want to be stress-free and find a way to focus and develop to be a successful individual in your life right now. 

 What are the five necessary steps I will walk you through that will get you to your finish line?

  • Step 1: Discovering where one is currently by having an initial chat, getting to know the client, and discussing the current issues. (Bonding with the client and being on the same page)
  • Step 2: Identify the specific problem or problems, learn the cause of attachments and issues, and agree with them.
  • Step 3: Now that we know the problem or problems and their cause, we implement practices specific to slowly reducing the intensity.
  • Step 4: To see if the practices reduce the problems is not working, then slowly increase the method’s intensity to eliminate the problem.
  • Step 5: To check if the problem is entirely resolved and be aware and observant of the previous situations to ensure it does not creep back up again.

What is it worth to get your desired results?

It is worth not wasting the physical, mental, and emotional energy you go through every day. You save time and money wasted on recovering from the physical, psychological, and emotional harm repeatedly. More power, time and money are available to live a fuller life.

If you are interested in overcoming your current situations and looking to be awakened, please let me know.

How much does it cost?

Only £250

Payment Item: £250

If you’re interested in learning more and getting started with the program, please purchase the programme and send an email to to start your journey.

All programs are treated strictly private and confidential. If you are not fully satisfied with the program, we will refund your money with no questions.

These programs are carefully chosen to help you develop your being to a state of true realisation. These programs will be delivered one on one  to maintain the authenticity of truth. The program’s primary purpose is to help true seekers discover who they are and live a life of peace.

You can also visit our website for more information and to learn more about the spiritual coach.

Disclaimer Please Read:

Please note that while Smitha Jagadish has extensive experience as a Spiritual Coach, she is not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health care professional.
By taking part in this program, you will be introduced to insightful teachings based on Smitha’s own life experiences and methodology.
The information provided in this program and accompanying blogs, suggestions, techniques, social media postings, methods, videos, and articles are educational and is presented only as general information and is not medical or psychological advice.
Any advice presented in this program regarding the practices taught by The School for Enlightenment is not intended to represent that they are used to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any medical problem or psychological disorder. In addition, they are not intended as a substitute for seeking professional health care advice and services.
Smitha Jagadish advises that you seek professional advice as appropriate before making any decisions regarding your current state of physical and mental health.
You also understand that any information shared by you through your working with Smitha Jagadish will be treated with utmost confidentiality. No information you share during and after your consultations will be given to any third party following data protection.