Spirituality What is spirituality? Spirituality is about discovering who we are and what we are made of. It is the first time we begin to explore and understand how we are built as human beings. The most common thing that we have discovered while growing up is our most ever-present body. We’ve been trying to […]

Ultimate Truth

Ultimate Truth How to reach the ultimate truth? By being intelligent, you can reach the ultimate truth. The truth reveals to somebody who can observe the way the world works. See the way you act and can discover the truth in a situation. If you can move on, pick things up in a more innovative […]

Realization of Truth

Realization of Truth What is the ultimate truth? What is at the top of everything? What for is that we are all striving. What is the ultimate goal of this whole creation, being born, living a particular life and death, and the entire truth of this journey? The foremost thing is- the state of ultimate […]


Peace Everything is already perfect. The only thing is, we have misplaced it. We have so many elements that when all of these elements play up, the ideal state is being disturbed. By understanding each aspect in its essence and putting this back in order, the perfect is resumed. Being aware of ourselves and our […]


Awareness Naturally, our body is going through pain in many forms; we are in unconscious pain. Awareness helps to reduce this pain and brings it to a state of comfort. The ultimate aim of the body is to live a comfortable, pain-free life. Also, the mind has many issues, and it’s constantly busy; it’s continuously […]


Time How do you create more time? Firstly, we need to realise we invented that time, and time did not exist years and years ago. And we started time -being imaginary. So before we developed time. Human beings were still existing, still living a pretty decent life. It’s just that we did not restrict ourselves […]

Conscious Existence

Conscious Existence We are a conscious existence. When we first recognise the body, we somehow get attached to this body and label it like me! And then we start to live through this body and stop living as a conscious existence. This limited way of living creates the restrictive feeling of not being free. This […]