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This course has been created to help everyone -with an easy and simple way to discover who they are. For those, who are struggling to start on their self discovery path this course is an ideal support system to get started with.

This course has been divided into 10 simple sections, with 56 easy to learn lectures, with beautiful audio/video content to make learning easy for everyone.

What is the purpose of this course?

  • This course is intended to firstly, help you recognize the journey you are beginning to embark and use this course as a guide in every step of the way till the end. This course helps you in awakening to your consciousness, discover your purpose, and help you bring out the wisdom in you.
  • Secondly this course is intended to help you understand the different levels of Being and Energies in you which you may or may not know about. You will discover how these energies work in unity and help you towards enlightenment.
  • Thirdly it is intended for you to recognize the energies in you and be able to manage them efficiently on daily basis.
  • Subsequently this course will help you in learning mediation practices to reduce the strain and stress we go through in our everyday life and open you to inner peace.
  • Finally this course acts as a mentor in guiding you daily learning about compassion, surrender, gratitude, unity and love to arrive at the goal of discovering who you are.

Thank you and enjoy the course!

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