The school for enlightenment

Everything is already perfect

Everything is already perfect. The only thing is, we have misplaced it. We have so many elements that the ideal state is being disturbed when all of these elements play up. By understanding each aspect in its essence and putting this back in order, the perfect is resumed. Being aware of ourselves and our makeup is what we're trying to do in our everyday life and through spirituality. We're learning about every stage, every element, every part of us, which we are made of and trying to understand its extreme behaviours. 

So peace is already here, everybody is already enlightened, everybody is already in the state of ultimate liberation. The only difference is that we are ignorant and confused because of how these elements are playing now. All you have to do is learn about each component, put them in the correct order. Once all the pieces are placed in the right state, you would recognise the state of peace. 

So peace is not something you're going to go and find because it's already here. It's just that you cannot recognise it because it's so noisy. It's like your house, and it has multiple rooms if you think about it that way. Each room is boisterous, and each room is causing so much chaos and trouble that you're not able to enjoy your house. So once you start going into each room, as each element of your home of the self, put them in the right order, organise it, and make it functional in the right way. Then, the peace is noticed. And that is, living in existence in the purest state.