The school for enlightenment


All sessions are treated strictly private and confidential. Please see the Privacy policy for more details.

Through this consultation of 60 minutes, we can navigate to identify your goals and interests.

We can begin to discover any life concerns, issues, belief systems, dogmas, experiences that may be inhibiting your growth.

Based on your situation, your chosen path and personal goals, we can work together to set realistic and achievable life goals. 

The consultation and further sessions are charged at £60 an hour. 

Following on from our initial session, we will implement the correct practices suitable to your needs.

I will be personally guiding you into developing deeper insights by learning to grow your connection with your inner source. We will discuss deepening practices and focusing on new skills. 

We will identify the blockages that may be hindering your development path. You will learn to find the wholeness of Self and your True-life way, leading towards a balanced life. 

All sessions are carried out via zoom or by telephone. If you require a face-to-face meeting this can be arranged as well.

You can go to our programs tab on the website and choose to schedule a one-on-one consultation tab. There you can book a meeting and pay at the same time for the sessions.