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How to arrive at a balance?

How to arrive at a balance? 
But how do you get there? Do we all want to be balanced in life? I am sure we do, but It is constant thinking of good vs evil, happy vs sad or extreme vs non-extreme behaviour? Or is balanced a result of living our lives fully?
If we try to create balance, what element are we using to create it? Are we creating it using our minds or using our thinking? Based on our experiences or based on an idea of what we think is the balance? If that's the case, you are creating from your limited thought of the past and through controlling yourself. Does controlling ourselves lead to this state? Has this worked for you? Are you now balanced due to this method? Or are you tired of this constant battle in your head?
How about try and live your life of truth and be yourself and see if that can lead to a balanced self? It is balanced in the natural, authentic, and perfect growth rather than based on any old ideas.

So, living your life fully and being yourself entirely creates a beautiful balance by itself- because balance cannot be intellectually manufactured!