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How To Create More Time?

How do you create more time? Firstly, we need to realise we invented that time, and time did not exist years and years ago. And we started time -being imaginary. So before we developed time. Human beings were still existing, still living a pretty decent life. It’s just that we did not restrict ourselves to the set numbers of hours, days, and years. Since we invented time, we limited ourselves to a limited number. Now that we’ve limited ourselves to the limited number of hours in the day, and months and years. We try to fit several activities in the given time. So, as we try and fit in more and more activities in the given amount of time, and as day by day, every action is increasing, but not decreasing, and we have a limited number of hours, it will always be stressful. Stress starts right here? We limit ourselves first, and then we give ourselves more and more tasks and then get stressed. So I want us to see that we created this, but not by anyone else. So, since we control the time, we are also in control of the activities that we give ourselves or the tasks that we want to do since we invented time. So, you can always reduce it by the importance and urgency of the tasks you want to do in a day and eliminate everything unnecessary and unimportant. It’s good to be conscious from the morning before entering into a task in a very reactive way, but more consciously to see what I’m doing. Is this the right one? Do I need to do this task today, or does this needs to be completed today? Can this wait? Is there urgency or importance in this task before I undertake it? So this ability to distinguish between priority and urgency before starting any job can help you reduce the number of activities you would be doing in a day, reduce your stress level, and create more time for you. So by understanding that we are the ones who invented the time and completed the tasks, we are in control of what we can do during the day. So, we can always step out of time because there’s no restriction; it is just an idea in our head that this exists; in reality, there is no time. So by understanding this truth, we’d be able to live a stress-free life.