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Living our Lives has not been easy

Living our Lives has not been easy; it seems like a difficult path to tread on!
 The obstacles in life are many -like trying to overcome our cravings, attractions, excitements, and several unhappy experiences. With all of these things unresolved, it is not easy to live our lives. Hence, we find living life difficult. But once you overcome your cravings, overthinking, negative emotions, attachments and discover who you are, you fully join the stream of life. You will see how simple life is. 

Living life is at a higher level of existence. Even though it seems like it is right in front of us, we are not with it. We only seem to look at it unconsciously, assuming we are enjoying life. But we are not in sync with it yet. 
After we overcome most of our problems, sufferings, and issues, we come to the point of living our life with everything we see and have around us. Living life is quite a sacred thing and living in the reality of whatever is happening requires freedom from our past actions. So, are we working towards freeing ourselves first, so we can live this beautiful simple life, while it is still here?