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Our relationships in life

Our relationships in life. We have many relationships in life. From the time we were born, we have encountered many people and built many relationships until now. Each connection sparks different elements in us and helps us grow and realise more about ourselves and others. But many of them last, and some don’t work for various reasons. Few make it to the higher levels of existence, but few don’t - The ones that make it seems to have a quality of reality built into it. These relationships are the most sacred in our lives. But what makes these relationships so divine? Is it because these relationships can go beyond the many levels of violence? They can overcome greed and negative emotions? They can clearly understand what love is and not be selfish? They can gracefully allow one to be who they are without any labels and judgements? They can help you be creative and care enough to be in peace? If you have developed this kind of relationship with anyone who has crossed various levels of difficulties, then you have a beautiful relationship in life, the most sacred one!