The school for enlightenment


Naturally, our body is going through pain in many forms; we are in unconscious pain. Awareness helps to reduce this pain and brings it to a state of comfort. The ultimate aim of the body is to live a comfortable, pain-free life. Also, the mind has many issues, and it’s constantly busy; it’s continuously active. It is not quiet. And it’s significantly affected daily by everything that goes through in life. So, what the awareness does, again, and its purpose is to bring the mind to a quiet, calm, relaxed state. So the purpose of awareness is to reduce the body’s pain and bring it to a state of comfort. We need to reduce the noisiness of the mind and bring it to a state of quietness. Then we have one more element, which is emotion. So, again in life, we face many emotions daily, whether with a stranger or the person we love. It even maybe with our close friends, family, relatives, or anybody. Emotions are due to our attachments to somebody and expecting someone to give us that love back to us because we’ve given ourselves up. So this emotion is created by not being with oneself and loving oneself for many reasons. The purpose of awareness, or being aware, is to get the body out of the pain and bring it into a state of comfort. And the second task is to reduce the noisiness, the confusion of the mind, and bring it to the form of a quiet mind. And the third task of awareness is to bring these emotions into a state of love. The awareness, again, having the third task will break this emotional loop into a form of love. So, by being aware, every single moment, every day, we will be trying to put these three elements into perspective, make them healthy, make them relaxed, and make them function in the right way.