The school for enlightenment


The School teaches these experientially developed practices, to help everyone discover their True Self, be Enlightened and transform into a New Consciousness.

Power Flow

Power flow practice is to help your busy mind to relax. By slowing your mind, you can learn to tap into the unlimited energy available to us all. We all have access to this source of unlimited power which may be lying dormant, and undiscovered. Power is unconditioned pure energy, the energy that has not been here before and has a quality of newness. This power is potential energy and has the ability in seeing reality. This is a remarkably simple but effective strategy that can be mastered by anyone. Continuous practice of this technique will take you to higher levels of accomplishment in your life. The benefits of these new skills are life changing, and the effects instantaneous. Learning to access the purest potential energy has many benefits including creativity, clarity of mind, positivity, high energy, increased mental strength and, a better quality of sleep.

Empty through living

Through this practice, you will discover to live your life by letting go of your emotional attachments towards your deep desires, past memories, and false identifications. You only have to fully experience everything once, the desire for the same experience subsides. An unlived life with an accumulation of emotions causes us to become numb and desensitized to our reality. Emotions to certain experiences in life keep us bonded to them. Either good or bad emotions we experience daily have a hold on us and blind us from seeing the reality of life. This practice can be done anytime and anywhere. This practice has many benefits, some of which include overcoming habits, addictions, abuse, and stop us from experiencing heavy emotions. In effect, we will then feel liberated, grounded, experience self-love, and freeness.

The Essence of Questioning

In this practice, you will pursue to question yourself deeply of your thoughts and actions, which will in turn open you up to deeper insights. This practice helps you to see the truth and will aid you to evaluate your judgements, beliefs and opinions. By questioning the very root of a problem, you will learn to bring yourself to discover new Intelligence. You will intensely benefit from overcoming many of your self-imposed restrictions in life. This practice has a profound benefit in deconditioning years of unverified knowledge and ideas. This practice can be done anytime and anywhere. Particularly useful for busy people as it does not require a special place or time to carry it out. The benefits of these practices can be the deconditioning of your mind, deeper insight, personal freedom, clear understanding, increased wisdom, and higher intelligence.

Observing the Truth

In this practice, you will develop the art of living with intelligence. Through persistent questioning intelligence is born. Through this intelligence you will see yourself in action. Intelligence is the observer of Truth. This practice helps you to develop a space between yourself and the action taking place. Therefore, you will learn to be the observer of everything which is happening in and around you. Self -observation allows you to be present and helps you to discover your True Nature. Through this you will learn to see yourself more clearly and hence see your attachments, desires, motives, feelings, actions and thinking etc manifesting and hence learn to manage them better. Constant practice of this will help you to discover who you are and ultimately find your true self. This practice can be done anytime and anywhere. This is an advanced practice and particularly useful to someone who is already on the path to finding their True Self. This practice has many benefits such as experience inner peace, a feeling of connectedness, deep compassion, develop Self -awareness and, a sense of Being.  

Mirror of Consciousness

Consciousness is the source of all seeing. This is an advanced practice after Enlightenment, which facilitates opening to a new consciousness. In this practice, you will learn how to still your mind. When the mind is still consciousness enters through you. When Consciousness starts to enter continuously you transform the mind into the quality of consciousness which is Bliss. You enter an objective reality. The stillness of the mind converges to a single point, before it starts to fall into itself and finally dissolve. You will watch the mind giving up and bury itself into the root of Silence. After the mind is dissolved a subtle silence opens up. This silence exists beyond the mind. This silence expands and reaches a state of tranquillity. This silence is the totality of everything. All that there is! This is an effective and simple practice and can be done anywhere and at any time. Through this practice, you will learn to experience a still mind, bloom in bliss, and live in a state of ecstasy.


Freeing of Consciousness Practice- A path to completion!

This is a very advanced practice and is only suitable for someone who has mastered the mirror of consciousness technique. This practice is for someone who has been on a spiritual journey for a while and is looking to complete their journey by attaining liberation.In this practice you will learn to merge the light of consciousness with the breath of your Being. Whenyour consciousness and the breath merge together,theyrise above your crownto rest at the top of your head. This is liberation! Your sense of individuality, existence and consciousness are now freed.Benefits of this practice is thatconsciousness is now moved out of the body and stays at the crown leaving you in completion. Sense of wholeness and freeness arises. Consciousness now functions from the Crown of the being. There is peace and joyful silence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: All sessions are treated strictly private and confidential. Please see the privacy policy for more details.

Initial sessions are completely free and are carried out by telephone.

Through these sessions we can begin to discover any life concerns, issues, belief systems, dogmas, experiences that may be inhibiting your growth.

Based on individual situation, spiritual path and personal goals we can work together to set realistic and achievable life goals.
Answer: After the free initial sessions if you would like to proceed with the personal development plan, it will be charged at £35 an hour.
Answer: Following on from our initial sessions, we will implement the right practices suitable to your needs. I will be personally guiding you into developing deeper insights, by helping you to grow your connection with your own spiritual source. We will discuss deepening meditation and focusing skills. We will identify the blockages that may be hindering in your spiritual path. You will learn to find wholeness of Self and your True-life path, leading towards Enlightenment.
Answer: All sessions are carried out on zoom or by telephone. For a face to face session please book in advance.
Answer: Once you are happy to go ahead with the personal development plan and are booked, you can pay for these sessions by PayPal or Bank Transfer.