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Spiritual Teacher Training Programme

Uncover the Intelligent Way to Help Others

Are you interested in spirituality? Are you inspired by helping others? Do you see this as your purpose? 

If so, then you’re an ideal candidate for becoming a Spiritual Coach!

The School for Enlightenment is now offering a teacher training programme for spiritual coaches. This may be your perfect opportunity to live your purpose, help others, and deepen your own spirituality. Additionally, you’ll join hands with many others who contribute to elevating human consciousness. 

Throughout your life, have you noticed people suffering and you feel you could help? Have you held back because you thought you didn’t have sufficient knowledge and expertise to offer? 

The School for Enlightenment is here to help. 

What you’ll learn within the Spiritual Teacher Training Programme will assist you in helping people discover their true nature as you teach them a few simple skills and practices. 

These simple practices can help people awaken, Enlighten, discover their true selves, and live a fully conscious life.

Program Requirements

  • Must be over eighteen years of age.
  • No previous teacher training required.
  • Need at least two years of spiritual knowledge or experience.
  • Willing to help others in transforming lives.
  • Committed to learning and enjoy coaching.

How Does This Program Work?

Based on your current spiritual development, you can join any of the below programmes.

  • Level 1 Programme: You will uncover wisdom and capability to assist others in awakening.
  • Level 2 Programme: You will develop higher awareness to assist others in enlightenment.
  • Level 3 Programme: You will discover intelligence to assist others in discovering their true selves.

When you enter the Spiritual Teacher Training Program, your coach will encourage you to discover and learn your unique teaching style. You’ll be guided in uncovering or more fully connecting with your innate truth and then explore how to use it as your teaching method.

We will help you deliver your purpose in a simple way that most aligns with you. Through discussion, you’ll be coached on how to bring your newly illuminated self-wisdom and clarity into teaching others improve their lives.

If this resonates with you, read more about the programme below.

Elements of the 90-Day Spiritual Teacher Training Programme

Programme Overview

Below is the essence of what you will learn in the 90-day Spiritual Teacher Training Programme.

  • During this programme, you will learn about different levels of being, what each level entails, and its attributes. 
  • You will learn practices to teach new seekers to help them overcome stress, anxiety, emotional distress, and overwhelm. 
  • You will uncover and understand the three primary attributes that cause human suffering, how to identify them, and teach seekers to overcome them through daily practices. 
  • You will learn various meditation practices that you, in turn, may teach seekers looking to increase their awareness and awaken their inner power. 
  • You will learn to identify the difference between unconscious, right and wrong- thinking and how these have contributed to our suffering. 
  • You will learn how to self-observe, enhance your own intelligence, and impart this new insight to others. 
  • You will learn to recognise how limiting beliefs can curb one’s self-growth and be able to help others to clear these obstacles in their life. 
  • You will learn what techniques and methods to use to overcome past emotions and how to heal them quickly. 
  • You will understand the attachments to the physical body, such as and not limited to the obsession with food, drink, sex, bodily image, and money, all of which led to uncontrolled behaviour. 
  • You will identify the attachments to the mind—such as and not limited to—ego centeredness, acquiring vast knowledge to empower the ego, focus on personal achievements, false identifications, and a win-at-all-costs attitude. 
  • You will be able to learn about the attachments to intense feelings—such as and not limited to—deep emotional distress, not finding true love, lost in discovering true self and one’s purpose.

By learning, understanding, and embodying all of these points, you will have a solid foundation upon which to stand when helping others overcome the same limitations. 

Additionally, you will learn how to effectively coach your seekers.

  • Through an initial chat, you’ll discover your client’s challenges and begin bonding with them.
  • Next, you’ll begin to identify the specific problem or problems, learn the cause of attachments and issues, and then agree on a solution framework. 
  • Once you understand the problems and their causes, you’ll teach practices to reduce the intensity of the situation slowly. This slow and measured approach helps you view the effectiveness of the practices for the client. You may increase the intensity of your approach when the client is ready to ultimately eliminate the problem and ensure it does not return.

Why Should I Consider This Programme?

If you have an active spiritual practise and are genuinely motivated to help others, this programme will enhance your ability to lead others to positive change quickly and effectively.

Rather than seeing clients suffer from physical, mental, and emotional energy depletion, you will help them save time and money while they strive for their self-development goals. The programme is simple, effective, and has helped many people worldwide.

If you are interested in helping others overcome difficult situations and desire to help and transform people’s lives, please join the programme by clicking the clink below.

The total coast of the programme is £750.

Payment Item: £750

Spiritual Teacher Training Programme:
Access twelve weeks of one-to-one support and so much more.

About Your Trainer:

My name is Smitha Jagadish. I am from India and now live in the UK. Growing up I saw that the constant struggle of emotional, mental, and physical effort in life was overwhelming. 

I wanted to be free from life’s struggles and wanted to discover who I truly was to be internally at peace. I uncovered that spirituality was a quantum leap from chaos to sanity. I knew I needed to transform and saw that spirituality could guide me there. 

Yet, in the beginning, I realised I did not know how to access my deep spirituality. I read everything I could find on the topic. I watched hours of YouTube videos. I searched intensely without giving up. 

However, over time I saw the results of my progress and its positive effect on my life. I practised tirelessly; I deeply desired to improve myself and become a better human being. 

After living a spiritual life for over thirty years and helping many souls in my journey, I discovered how to be free from life’s bondages. Spirituality revealed that intelligent path to liberation and helped me uncover my purpose: to help others come out of their struggles. I have discovered a fantastic path to help others do the same through The School for Enlightenment. 

Next Steps

Does my story resonate with you?  

If you desire to be free from life’s struggles and want to help others, let me guide you through the journey. You don’t need to do it alone, and you don’t need to spend endless time searching for the right answers. The Spiritual Teacher Training Programme offers the tools and support you need. 

Once you’ve discovered and embraced your best self, then you can help others free themselves of struggles. Help them experience the ultimate truth—that sense of freedom, joy, and peace. This program gives you everything you need to start your own coaching business focused on cultivating the wellbeing of yourself and others. 

Join me in raising the consciousness of humanity one person at a time.