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This Meaningless life!

This Meaningless life!

Life has no meaning! In this sense, there is no meaning in everything that we do. We’re taught importance to everything we do and experience- either by our family, ancestors, or past human civilisation. So, we developed meaning in our lives in the beginning. 
We were so excited with our experiences of emotions, thinking and movement - We started to believe everything that happened to us and created a sense of it and lived our lives according to those meanings taught to us. We read many books, poems, stories of many people’s life experiences and were motivated to live such a great life.

But some of us who did not buy these meanings taught to us and did not believe in this extraordinary life everyone talks about -started to question everything. The labels and definitions taught to us did not make sense, and they seemed not to match our actual experiences. So, we decided to discard those old meanings and discovered new meanings from our own life experiences. By discovering the truth, we named them different and started getting exhilarated and happy again to find a new meaning in our lives. We began to create our world and lives by our truth.

We wrote poems, stories and books of our life experiences and celebrated wildly.
As you started to live your life long enough, discovering the truth, you began to see that life is going beyond your experiences and labels again. Life is moving, changing, and growing constantly and hence no labels can be placed on life anymore.

After realising this long and hard, you then see that life has no meaning. There are no stories, no labels, no poems, either your own or others but just a silent living. The constant expression of the truth has now come to a stop- cause the one commentating about this beautiful life is none other than you. You don’t need to comment on your life to know it, you only need to live it because in reality, life is true silence - pure living in the most original form. The ending of giving meaning to life is where creativity ends, and true living begins!