The Mission Statement

The School for Enlightenment has a mission, ‘to help everyone experience Enlightenment, and to guide everyone reach a state of internal peace’.

If you have been searching for who you are, looking to find a deeper meaning to life, or have even been struggling to live an ordinary life due to the pressures of the modern world, the school is open to help you learn simple and effective practices to gain more insight into your life. These practices are ‘Power Flow’, ‘Empty through living’, ‘The Essence of questioning’, ‘Observing the Truth’ and ‘Mirror of Consciousness’.

The Purpose of The School for Enlightenment is, ‘to help you discover your True Self, by assisting you to learn effective practices that can be used in your everyday life’.

These practices help you to heal and live your life fully by deconditioning, unloading, and freeing yourself from any desires, attachments, and identifications you may have. Through these practices, you can enhance and empower your way of living by gaining pure energy, clarity, and creativity.

The school assists you in the mastery of these practices to become enlightened and to transform into a New Being. Through these practices, you will learn to differentiate between truth and falsity, reality, and fantasy, violence and peace and start to live a real life of peace.

The schools’ intention is to help everyone reach a state of enlightenment. Soon after my experience of enlightenment and freeing myself from the identification of the world and by experiencing liberation the school for enlightenment was created to facilitate easy step by step guide to reach the state of internal peace.

The school for enlightenment consists of true experiences during the time of liberation and these experiences are all very new and fresh. They contain higher vibrations and experiential truths. The practises have been developed through personal experiences Witch have worked for me and many others. They are here to help anyone who is interested in developing themselves, anyone who is interested in freeing their consciousness.

The School for Enlightenment also teaches the language of ‘New Being’. This

Language is of peace, love, and harmony. This will grow, to be our future language of the world. By learning this language, we will bring forth a world of peace. This is a new way of communicating with each other and living our lives devoid of the old ways, which has mainly taught us to be ignorant of others and ourselves. The school is bringing this language into this world to help everyone find their True Self and to experience a new consciousness.

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