The school for enlightenment

We are a conscious existence

We are a conscious existence. When we first recognise the body, we somehow get attached to it and label it like me! And then we start to live through this body and stop living as a conscious existence. This limited way of living creates the restrictive feeling of not being free. This feeling of being constricted of us begins right there when we identify this body as you.

Then slowly, we start to enter into the mind and then identify all the activities you're doing through this body as you and that you're doing it. Then we see our emotions and notice that we are attached to the people we think we love—and then, coming out of that into realising true love. Trying to discover that actually what you were born as is consciousness. That's when you start to go out of the cycle of the body, mind and emotions. That is where the true self, true recognition of who you are, begins—this true self as being your awareness.

That is the beginning of spirituality when you start to recognise yourself as the true self. You become expanded, become more and more aware, go deep into this realisation of awareness and realise that you are this expanded consciousness. And when this limited awareness of yours joins with the conscious existence of complete expansion is liberation. This union of the finite self with the ever-existing consciousness is liberation. Freeing yourself of whom you thought you were.