The school for enlightenment

We are living our existence

We are living our existence. Living our existence is very difficult to comprehend. Because we are so used to living in a limited body, limited thinking, and deep emotions, we are continuously looking for love, constantly seeking to discover whom we are, aspiring to live a new life, and trying to be at peace. We are so caught up in these limited areas of ourselves, and we keep going in and out to discover the ultimate truth. When we go in and out of these different areas of our limited selves to learn and experience every section of these elements, we still cannot recognise our existence. 

We keep going back into what else; what else is there? What else can I do? What other things attract me? The more and more you go into what else and not having the capacity to view this enormous, expansive existence as you, until then, you will constantly go into one of these elements to feel more secure. 

This feeling of security, which in turn, isn't secure but is limited- but this is something we can comprehend. But the truth is we are this vast, unlimited existence. We're not able to understand this. We constantly look for our limited selves. But the more and more you come out of these elements of being stuck, of being limited, and try and stay in this vast expansion and be bold enough, brave enough to open ourselves to be this existence we can be free. This existence is right in front of us, as us and in us- but you don't seem to recognise it.  But once you do, then you never have to hide into the limited self.
 So, the more and more you feel the urge to go back into your limited self, I would encourage you to stay out and embrace this vast expansion of eternal existence, which is indeed us and is always here. The ultimate truth is the ability to actualise in this enormous expansion of existence and live our lives from here. This ability to be out of limited self will help you enjoy this vastness and yet be able to use our limited selves when we need to, rather than being identified and caught up in it.