The school for enlightenment

What is Spirituality?


What is spirituality? Spirituality is about discovering who we are and what are we are made of. It is the first time we begin to explore and understand how we are built as human beings. The most common thing that we have discovered while growing up is our ever-present body. We've been trying to figure out how this body works, what it likes, what it doesn't like, how to protect it, how to look after it, and how it can make us live longer. We've indeed have spent quite a lot of years trying to figure out how the body functions and have recently managed to protect ourselves well and live in a more congenial environment.

We're now looking into what else is there beyond this body? We have to some extent, discovered what our mind is and still trying to understand by going deep into it and seeing the different layers of mind we have and trying to recognise how the mind functions. What does it do, what does it behave like, how can we calm the mind, look after the mind. How can we best use the mind and its true nature? What does is its fundamental nature? What's its purpose and so on? Once we figure that out fully, we will live in the proper mental habits and not get too caught up in stress or overactive states of our minds. 

Then we will move on to our emotions, and then we will try and figure out what these emotions are, how they originate? What are the benefits of it, what are the defects in it? How can we use it in the right way, so it can help us to motivate us, to give us the extra energy to use for things we love. It will help us bring passion and truth into what we do, rather than be attached to people and feel upset and down by being obsessed with someone or something. So these are the qualities of the emotions that we have to learn to use in the right way, positively, and use it in the form of love, rather than use it in the form of emotions, which will drag us down. Once we figure out and know how to love and use this energy of love to better ourselves and everyone around us, we move to the next level of discovering who we are.

Once this energy of love arises, it flows out of you, and you will discover who you are? What's your purpose? Why are you here? Discovering our true self is the next layer, where we will venture into finding out our true qualities and what comes naturally to us. You will find to use your gift to help others and live a fulfilled life. 

So in this way, we are trying to understand the right way of using our body, mind and learning to express our love beautifully. By doing this, we will discover the next layer of creativity- Newness. Will we soon realise this newness on this planet Earth and the universe? The discovery of the next level of consciousness begins to see where it all originate and its function? 

Once you've discovered creativity, your true self, your love, your mind and your body and can use them in the right way, in every moment, without having to be stuck in just one or two levels, but you can use all of these simultaneously, you will find peace. Then you are one being; you will discover how you can live a peaceful yet beautiful, purposeful, fulfilling, loving life. So the whole purpose of spirituality is to find all these different layers born as us and enjoy them, not be stuck and attached to any particular layer, and to use them all to enrich every moment and live a happy, contented life.