The school for enlightenment

What is the ultimate truth?

What is the ultimate truth? What is at the top of everything? What for is that we are all striving. What is the ultimate goal of this whole creation, being born, living a particular life and death, and the entire truth of this journey? The foremost thing is- the state of ultimate rest—the state of fulfilment, a form of no movement, a state of completion, but a connection to everything. The elements of the body or the realm of the body is active, busy, aggressive, coarse, and in a constant motion of their own. It has its flaws, it’s got its formulas and principles, and it runs on. You have a rest; you back again with the movement. The second realm, being the mind, the action and the activity of the mind is different to the body. It has its tendency, its measures of thought and thinking. The higher you travel, the space of each realm gets more significant and increases subtlely. In the realm of the mind, again, you’re constantly busy and active. And there is non-stop movement, and we tend to have a break, relax, but it’s still not the ultimate break. Once again, the realm of the mind has its laws, has its own rules, has its functions. And it has its ups and downs, start and end, but not the ultimate rest. Then the realm of emotions runs on their feelings for what they feel, pouring out emotions and attachment to many things. So it has its function. Again, we get busy dissolving the emotions we don’t like, and it goes through its cycle of pain and detachment. As you climb further, there is the realm of awareness, a realm of awareness is a break for the lower three domains, such as the body, mind and emotions, to have that bit of rest, to have that bit of tranquillity. So awareness is a slight break for the three realms to rest. As you go higher and dive deeper into this awareness, start to live in this awareness and master the body, mind, emotions, and love. We move up into discovering who we are? Now that we have the vastness of awareness, we try to see the purpose of being born. Why am I here? What am I here to do? Apart from finding many ways to enjoy everything around me and suffering from what I don’t like, what else is there? So once you enter this realm of discovering who you are, you see your purpose for whom you were born as a more profound truth. You start to live your life fully in awareness and still use the body, mind, and heart in the right way. And once you start living this true self and start helping people with the purpose you were born with, you begin to see where this true self came from, like what created this authentic self? What is the source of this true self, what keeps this true self going and giving, where is the storehouse of this unique quality? And you discover this new consciousness. With the new consciousness discovered, you start to live as a unique individual. This new being is here with pure creative energy, constantly creating without copying, without manipulating anything but manifesting this gift. Your consciousness is born new at this point. As you expand further and realise where the origin of this newness is, you acknowledge that it originates from the state of rest, peace, which is existence. It all creates in this silence! Which is the ultimate rest you can have when you merge into this silent existence. The realisation of the ultimate truth!