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What is this journey of life?

What is this journey of life?


Journey to where? Where is our destination? Do we know our goal, or is it that we follow others? 


We feel we are constantly travelling, constantly eager to get somewhere, and find it hard to stay where we are? 


We also keep changing our destination because nothing ever seems to please us. Even though we have surrounded ourselves with all the beautiful things, we still miss something.


What is that? 


There is something about this destination that we cannot forget. It is like a sense of ultimate freedom that we dream over and over again.


Why is this destination so crucial that we cannot rest in peace?


Ask yourselves? We are so lost in finding it and always look forward to getting to this endpoint, but we don’t seem to be reaching there soon.


Is this because the destination is the present moment?


It is right here with us and everywhere around us, but we don’t seem to recognise it. We are unconscious of it. And this destination is the reality we are looking for -To become one with it! It must be! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be giving up every second of our life to get there. 


Every day, working hard, giving up a lot, going through everything we go through in life to arrive at this destination of exactly where we are!


But why is it so difficult if we only need to arrive where we are? Where do you need to go when your destination is right here? Is this journey a habit? A compulsion? An obsession? 


Dwelling in our past has become our daily habit. Travelling from our past to the present moment has become very difficult. If it is, then how do we break this habit of travelling unnecessarily? It seems like it’s all a waste of time. Why are we so unconscious of this? 


So, if you can realise at this moment that the destination is right where you are, and there is nowhere else to go to find the present moment, you will relax in the now. You already are where you are meant to be, and all you need to learn is -to stay here so you can start to live your life!