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Why are we not content?

Why are we not content? We’re not satisfied because we always want more and more. But more and more of what? We don’t know! We only know that we are not content; content can be misunderstood, and hence its use in the proper context is crucial.


We are displeased because we are unaware of using all the beautiful faculties, such as our body, mind, and heart, we have the right way? What about our true self, creativity, and peace? These are all excellent faculties born with, but we don’t know how to embrace them. We’re unaware and want things to be perfect from the outside and hand them to us rather than learn to use these faculties and live extraordinary lives. Once you learn this and realise this lack of capacity to discover ourselves makes us dissatisfied, you will want to create more beautiful things, help people, and care to spread compassion on this planet. All these elements must be fully realised by us. This process of realisation must begin soon to end this non-satisfaction on this planet. But instead, we are turning the same wheel of suffering day in day out. We must learn this, as others cannot hand it. Each of us has to seek and discover the true nature of the self. Instead, we seem to be deluded with entertainment and distraction, which keeps us out of self-inquiry.