The school for enlightenment


Smitha’s journey to spirituality is self motivated, her desire and keenness to get an in depth understanding of life in its simplest form combined with her natural intuitive abilities, her compassionate and graceful personality has always helped me to reach out to her. She has the ability to ask the right questions, direct and simple. […]


I have known Smitha for more than two decades. She is honest, wise and straight talking person. We had lost touch for few years. As I have noticed that over the last 8 to 9 years that she has been searching for God and meaning of life. she has gained spiritual experiences over time and […]


I have known Smitha for approximately ten years and during this time I have witnessed her spiritual transformation. Over the years I have learnt that Smitha is a gentle being with a passion for spiritual growth. She has a genuine desire to help others find their path in life and achieve oneness with self-realisation.


I profoundly thank Smitha for guiding the path towards a truer clarity and self reflection. I know her depth of knowledge and understanding will enhance anyone wherever they are on their path to a more fulfilling and enriched life.


I recommend Smitha in my spiritual guidance journey. She gave me a one on one session which I have on a weekly basis and taught me to relax and switch of my everyday busy life which has aided me to have better sleep and less anxiety in my life. Smitha is a pleasure to have […]


Smitha is very knowledgeable on the path of Enlightenment and offers great clarity on the journey. A great teacher on guiding you through your spiritual learning.


Smitha has good knowledge and uses her positivity to help you find a solution. She is a good listener and is very approachable.


I am so happy. Thank you for all your help and support Smitha. I couldn’t have started my positive spiritual journey without you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am so grateful ? Thank you with all my heart❤️I feel truly blessed ?❤️


When I speak to Smitha, I simply connect so well and ease, there is a kind of purity in her, I feel fully energised and capable of solving any issue. Such a pure being. I am blessed to come across a person like this ??


It’s more than a conversation but a deep insight into my own being. It allows me to see and feel the true emotions I’m experiencing and come to terms with what that means to me. Rather than being a mere stress relief the spiritual coaching chats allowed me to delve into questioning my purpose and […]